Ambient music for shopping malls

From Kasimu we bring you the perfect ambient music for shopping centers. With it you will be able to increase the number of sales and create a pleasant atmosphere to encourage purchases. Learn more about our ambient music.

The best selection of ambient music to go shopping or have a coffee

Do you want to improve the experience of users in your mall? Filling the music corridors will give you that life and that special touch you’re looking for. At Kasimu we will reach your ears the music that best suits your marketing goals and increase sales.


Control the music that’s playing in your mall

Our app will allow you to have control of the music that is playing in your shopping center. You can access it through various digital devices, either from a mobile or a computer.

We customize the music

We study what most characterizes your establishment to represent its personality through the songs that are played in it. We will provide you with the ambient music for shopping centers that will best go with your business.

Music without interruption

Our software allows the music you have set to be played non-stop when you decide. Even if there is no Internet connection, it will not stop ringing.

Control lists from one place

Thanks to our application you will be able to program the music as well as the advertising from one place. Decide what you’ll be listening to, when and where.

Choose your ads and ad campaigns

From our ad planner you can organize the ad campaigns for those services you want to promote.

What’s so special about Kasimu as an environmental music service for shopping malls?

Music has something special. Whatever the time it is, it will always have a certain effect on us. In Kasimu we can no longer imagine any clothing store without background music. Can you imagine what would happen if your mall didn’t have ambient music? Too quiet, isn’t it?

To improve the experience of those people who are going to buy,having a good playlist of ambient music for shopping centers is quite recommended. Have you ever heard of the importance of Audio Marketing? Thanks to it you will get a greater response from consumers and increase sales.

The ambient music we propose will be adapted to the needs of your business as well as your personality. In this way, we will be able to convey those ideas and emotions that you want to evoke in consumers. If you want to learn more about our prices, you can do so here.

In our application you will find different types of music channels,as if it were a radio. From them choose the music that suits you best and just let it sound until you want to change it again.

We conform to all kinds of styles and proposals, already look for a more contemporary musical thread as something classic and instrumental. We will choose the ambient music for shopping centers that best suits you.

We offer you a free trialso you can check how committed we are with our services.


Everything you can do with Kasimu.

Plan your premises’ music and ads

Choose or create playlists for each day. Upload your ads and plan your ad guidelines. If you have several venues and need a special playlist, we create it for you. You can select a schedule for each store or the same for all. If you wish, you can lock the program so that no one changes your schedule.

Play the music

Install our software at each location with the corresponding username and password. The music will start automatically based on what you’ve planned. If you have an Internet connection problem, the music will continue to play without interruption.

Manage and control

You can change the schedule of music and ads in one or more stores at once from your dashboard. Soon you will be able to know in real time what is played in each store or download reports of a specific period.

Many brands already trusted our music services.


Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels
Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels

74% of people claim that music is important or very important in their lives.


50% of people stay longer in venues with music.


83% of consumers prefer a place with music and the 14% buy more.


31% of the guests revisit a establishment with music and 21% recommends it to other people.

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