Music for a wellness, massage or spa centers

Having good music for wellness centers is the key to boosting your business sales and improving the working environment among employees. In Kasimu you will find your ideal music service to liven up your business. To learn more click here.

Music service for beauty, wellness, massage or spa centres

Thanks to our great experience we can say that we are experts in music. At Kasimu we will analyze the personality of your business and your brand to provide you with the best music for wellness and beauty centers.

You’ll know what’s playing at all times

Our app will allow you to play the music you want whenever you want and in any of your venues. Check our plans and rates here.

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Personal playlists

Depending on your brand and marketing goals, we’ll create a playlist tailored to your needs.

Non-stop music

At Kasimu we don’t like to have our music cut. Our software will allow you to play your music for wellness centers without internet connection.

Control panel

You will be able to control from your computer device, the music schedule that will be played on your premises.

Promote your business

Include ads or ad slots in your playlists to promote your business.

Why a music service for beauty and wellness centers with Kasimu

What music do you choose for your massage center, beauty center or wellness spa? Is it relaxing? Keep in mind that when clients feel relaxed they can get the most benefit on the therapies received.

Most people go to a spa to get rid of accumulated stress and tension, caused by everyday life, full of worries. Therefore, it is very important that the atmosphere of the center gets your customers to forget about everything and focus on the received treatment.

For example, relaxing massages are ideal for resting and having your body and mind in a state of well-being and listening to music in combination with scents of essential oils will make you feel in another dimension.

The background music can be of various types, with our music for beauty and wellness centers you can lead  your customers to a spiritual journey, as listening to the sounds of nature.

Relaxing music in a massage, wellness, spa or beauty center, is very important to create a relaxing atmosphere for the well-being of customers. In Kasimu we have a specific section of relaxing ambient music to specifically meet the needs of this business.

Check it yourself! Try our relaxing music service for 3 days for free by clicking here.



Everything you can do with Kasimu.

Plan your venues’ music and ads

Choose or create music lists for each day. Upload your ads and plan your ad guidelines. If you have several locations and need a special list, we create it for you. You can select a schedule for each store or the same for all. If you wish, you can block the program so that no one changes your schedule.

Play the music

Install our program at each location with the corresponding username and password. The music will start automatically based on what you’ve planned. If you have an Internet connection problem, the music will continue to play without interruption.

Manage the planned

You can change the schedule of music and ads in one or more stores at once from your dashboard. Soon you will be able to know in real time what is played in each store or download reports of a specific period.

There are already many brands that trusted our music services.


Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels
Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels

The 74 thy people claim that music is important or very important in their lives.


50 of people stay longer in venues with music.


83 consumers prefer a place with music and the 14 buy more.


The 31 of the guests revisit a establishment with music and the 21 recommends it to other people.

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