Music for Offices

With a suitable office music you can liven up your customers’ waiting time and improve their user experience. At Kasimu, we help you bring your business closer to your customers. If you need more information, click here.


Music for consulting rooms, offices or waiting rooms?

At Kasimu we are experts in music. You can count on our experience when choosing the music for offices that best represents the personality of your business. Make the waits much more bearable using the best music.

Control music in all your venues

For a reduced price you can get the playlists you need in each of your premises.

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Ready lists for you

We create the music atmosphere for offices following your company goals and the personality of your brand. Audio and music quality without repetitions.

Non-stop music

Our app is suitable for Windows and Android. The music will play even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Control at all times

With your computer device you can keep control of music and your ads in each of your premises.

Advertising campaigns

Our ad planner will allow you to do your ad campaigns without any problem. Boost your business!

Why choosing Kasimu for playing music in an office?

On many occasions, we all had to wait to be attended in a waiting room of an office or consulting room. From the moment a person arrives to de waiting place, everything there (employees, decoration, background music…) is part of the customer’s experience and can be the difference between not wanting to come back or recommend it to their friends and family.

When it comes to music for offices, we can use different kind of music to encourage, calm, relax or even fill with energy. Thereis the importance of having the right background music in the waiting room in order to make that moment as pleasant and comfortable as possible for the customers or patient, and thus influence their mood.

For example, in the case of a dental clinic waiting room, using relaxing music can be an excellent strategy to chill out the patiences and predisposes them positively.

Background music for offices and waiting rooms is of great importance as we have seen. For this reason, at Kasimu we have developed different music playlists dedicated exclusively to music for offices, consulting rooms and waiting rooms.

Check it yourself! Try our office and consulting rooms music service, 3 days for free by clicking here.



Everything you can do with Kasimu.

Plan your venues’ music and ads

Choose or create music lists for each day. Upload your ads and plan your ad guidelines. If you have several locations and need a special list, we create it for you. You can select a schedule for each store or the same for all. If you wish, you can block the program so that no one changes your schedule.

Play the music

Install our program at each location with the corresponding username and password. The music will start automatically based on what you’ve planned. If you have an Internet connection problem, the music will continue to play without interruption.

Manage the planned

You can change the schedule of music and ads in one or more stores at once from your dashboard. Soon you will be able to know in real time what is played in each store or download reports of a specific period.

There are already many brands that trusted our music services.


Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels
Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels

The 74 thy people claim that music is important or very important in their lives.


50 of people stay longer in venues with music.


83 consumers prefer a place with music and the 14 buy more.


The 31 of the guests revisit a establishment with music and the 21 recommends it to other people.

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