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The most advanced music system for stores

This is how Kasimu works.

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1. Choose or create music lists.
2. Install the program.
3. Control or modify.


More than 150 professional playlists at your disposal, created by expert marketing DJs.

You can also create your own playlists, in these 3 ways:

¬ Automatic Playlists: you choose the music styles you want and how long you want the playlist to last. The program will choose the songs automatically. It will take you less than 5 minutes to create it.
¬ Manual playlists: you choose the songs one by one. You can give them an order or you can activete the random mode.
¬ Automatic Playlists with user styles: this mode is a hybrid between the previous 2. You first have to create your own music style and manually choose songs for that style. Then you create the playlist by choosing styles from Kasimu and your own style. The songs chosen by Kasimu and the ones you have chosen will be played.

You can plan a playlist for each day of the week and for each hour of the day. Do you need a playlist for the morning and another for the afternoon? Do you put another playlist on Mondays? Do you have a special schedule on weekends? You can do all of this and much more. Very easy to use.

Publish your offers and promotions through the speakers of your premises and sell more! Simple and intuitive, a powerful marketing tool at the saling point.

You can easily manage the way your songs will be played, disavowing unwanted ones or pointing songs to always be played. This function is available in the playlist and in the content manager, where you can search for songs and performers to modify the way they are programmed.

The control panel lets you configure everything that plays in your premises. From the playlists for each day and hour, to the advertising guidelines. You can also copy the configuration of one user to others, change the appearance or program preferences, block the program so that no one changes anything in the premise and a lot more. You will also be able to control what is playing in each venue.

Our apps have a song download system that gives the user many advantages. On the one hand, music and announcements will always play, even with long Internet connection outages. On the other hand, it only uses Internet connection bandwidth during the first few minutes after opening a playlist.

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We create the musical atmosphere according to your brand or your marketing goals. Professional audio quality, no unwanted songs and no repetitions. For more information click here.


From a computer you can control all your stores, configure music programming and your advertising schedules. You will have full control of the music and ads of your stores!


With our Windows and Android software, music plays even without Internet connection. Music won’t stop!


With our ad planner, you can create your advertising schedules in seconds. Promote your business!


You can set the program to start locked so that no one can change the music or ads schedule.


We have all permissions to ensure the legality of our services and its use in public places. Not all services are authorized. Spotify or Youtube are not for use on public places.


Set up one or more playlists for each schedule of each day of the week. Very intuitive and easy to use.


You have at your disposal our technical support department to solve any questions or incidents.


Create your own playlists without knowing about music and without having to choose songs one by one.


Our playlists are designed by marketing-savvy DJs to increase sales, retain customers and motivate employees. Playlists are cataloged by business activity or by music style.


With our control panel you can know what is being played in each of your stores or premises in real time. You’ll always have control of the music that plays in your business.


Playlists refresh daily so you don’t listen to the same songs every day. In addition, monthly we add a lot of new songs, to ensure that the music of your business is always updated.

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Do you need more information?

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