Music for shops, businesses and commercial premises


Ambient music for commerce, business or commercial premises

Keep full control of music at your venues.

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Custom lists

We create the musical atmosphere according to your brand or your marketing goals. No repetitions, professional audio quality and no unwanted songs.


With our computer program for Windows and Android music will sound even without internet connection. So the music won’t stop flowing!

Control panel

From a computer you can configure music programming and your advertising campaigns. You’ll have full control of your local’s music and ads.

Advertisements and advertising wedges

With our ad planner, you can create your product ad campaigns in seconds. Promote your business!
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Within the philosophy of each business there are aesthetic elements such as decoration, communication, staff costumes, and also ambient music is another element. There are many reasons why it is so advisable to have musical atmosphere in the trade or commercial premises.

Music increases the joy hormone, increasing the predisposition to buy. Also, it offers intimacy, making the client feel more comfortable and exchange sprinting with their companions. The rhythm of the music varies the activity, as it can relax or accelerate the client through a small increase in heart rate.

Music invites you to imagine, like perfumes and aromas, suggesting real or imaginary places and in addition,musical ambiment can predispose to activities such as talking, trying on clothes, etc.

Whether it’s a musical thread for business, ambient music for venues of all kinds or music for shops,

Kasimu is the best solution. Our music channels are catalogued according to the sector in which they will be used. For example, a textile trade can access the “Shops” area and find there the different music channels for the different types of shops (modern, classic, youth, etc.). This way, you will always find a channel that perfectly suits the needs of your business and with just 2 clicks. Every day, music from all channels is renewed so that regulars at the venue don’t even get tired of always hearing the same songs. And besides, at an incredible price.

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Everything you can do with Kasimu.

Plan your locals’ music and ads

Choose or create music lists for each day. Upload your ads and plan your ad guidelines. If you have several locations and need a special list, we create it for you. You can select a schedule for each store or the same for all. If you wish, you can block the program so that no one changes your schedule.

Play the music

Install our program at each location with the corresponding username and password. The music will start automatically based on what you’ve planned. If you have an Internet connection problem, the music will continue to play without interruption.

Manage the planned

You can change the schedule of music and ads in one or more stores at once from your dashboard. Soon you will be able to know in real time what is played in each store or download reports of a specific period.

There are already many brands that trusted our music services.


Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels
Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels

The 74 thy people claim that music is important or very important in their lives.


50 of people stay longer in venues with music.


83 consumers prefer a place with music and the 14 buy more.


The 31 of the guests revisit a establishment with music and the 21 recommends it to other people.

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