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Each user can be used from a single location at a time. If you are going to use the same user in different locations, you must first close the program or log out. Sometimes you have to wait 3 minutes before changing your location.

Enter the customer area by clicking here and verify that you are up to date with payments or contact us.
Enter the customer area by clicking here  contact us.

This error occurs when the Internet connection has been interrupted after starting the playlist. Check your Internet connection and that there is no software blocking the connection (Firewall, Antivirus, etc.).

Windows N does not have the audio codecs to make a music program play.
To fix this, follow these instructions:
1) Update Windows until it shows no new updates.
2) Download from the Microsoft page the Media Codec Pack for Windows N, there are several versions of Windows N (1703, 1709, 1903). To find out what the installed version is we go to Start Menu/Settings/System and in the left panel we click “About”, and slide to where it says “Windows specification”, there will tell us the version.
3) Knowing the version we are going to this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48231
We download the codec pack corresponding to our version, install and restart.
4) We go to the Start/Configuration/Applications/Optional Features menu and select to install:
*Media Feature Pack
*Windows media player
5) When finished, we restart so that the functions are activated.


If you need support press the button and send us a message.

Program | All features (Windows and Android)

Program | Functions in the playlist (Windows)

Program | Configure sound and fade outputs (Windows)

Control panel | Create, edit and control users

Control panel | Copy settings from one user to anothers

Control panel | Logo customization and program data

Control panel | Create and edit user groups

Control panel | Download usage reports

Control panel | Preferences => Block program

Control panel | Control the volume or mute it

Control panel | Create automatic playlist

Control panel | Create manual playlist

Control panel | Define playlists for each day and time

Control panel | Hibernation

Control panel | User style creation and song editor

Control panel | Upload ads and create advertising guidelines

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