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Restaurants, perfumeries, toy shops… all venues have their own soundtrack, there is even music for medical offices.

This is due to sensory marketing studies, which demonstrate how music alters human behavior. That’s why all businesses have a streaming music platform, but you’ll be surprised to learn that the best known, spotify for business, is not legal.

Why shouldn’t you use Spotify for your business?

The SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers) is responsible for managing the copyrightof artists and entrepreneurs related to culture. In other words, they claim the fees concerning the reproduction of music, among others, in public places.

But is there any way not to pay the fees?

  • Songs in a language other than Spanish? No matter the language of the song or the nationality of the musicians, if the song is protected by copyright you can not use it in your establishment.
  • Use the radio? Even if the radio can pay for its own licenses, when playing it on your premises you must also pay the fees.

That is, there is no solution, the only method is to use a streaming platform that has the respective permissions to guarantee the legality of music on public sites. So Spotify for business is legal?

There is confusion among Spotify users regarding the legality of what is known as “making available to the public” a section of article 20 of the Intellectual Property Act.

But the platform itself is very clear as to the limitations it establishes,to know them you can access from your own account or google “Spotify Terms and Conditions” and then select the section“Rules for the user”

You’ll see an image like the following:


That is, the user when registering with Spotify accesses a license for domestic use, not for commercial purposes.

Why? Most songs today are protected by copyright and Spotify does not pay the fees, so Spotify for business is not legal. And just in case, Spotify Premium for businesses, businesses, locals… it’s not either.

What is copyright?

Accessing music for commercial use today is not easy, as most songs are protected by copyright.

Copyright is the rights of creators to their works, which allows them to prohibit or authorize their reproduction, broadcasting, etc. These authors or creators may offer licenses, i.e. authorizations, to third parties for their use of such work. Otherwise, the playback of such music will not be legal.

Can you be fined for playing music from Spotify Business?

The SGAE can report the playback of music from its repertoire, using an unauthorized medium (such as Spotify).

The fines will vary depending on each case, although they are usually not too large, there have been cases in which they have exceeded 1000 euros. Therefore, if you want to avoid a scare, it is best to avoid using Spotify for business.

The best alternative to Spotify for business


Now you know, even though there are numerous bars, restaurants or clothing stores that use this streaming platform, Spotify for business is not legal and you could receive the consequent fine.

But then, how to offer music to your customers?

There are two alternatives,on the one hand find music that is not collected by the SGAE, some of the 50-60 s can find. The second option is Kasimu,a completely legal streaming music platform.

What is Kasimu?

is a music service for restaurants, shops, hotels, companies and all kinds of businesses that offers a wide variety of musicals: jazz, pop, rock… from the 1950s to the latest developments.

This streaming platform offers intuitive access and makes lists of playlists already established according to the type of business available to the consumer. Lists have been carefully selected by sensory marketing experts and DJs so that your customers when they hear them are more willing to buy, choose one type of products over others, stay longer on the premises or whatever your business needs.

Unlike Spotify, for business Kasimu is the most suitable platform because it is completely legal in its two modalities.

What are the options kasimu offers?

Kasimu has two plans to offer music on the premises. The main differences between these can be seen in the table:

Kasimu basic Kasimu free
$9.99 per month $14.99 per month
Semi-annual option: $47.94 Semi-annual option: $71.94
Commercial music Right-free music
More than 150 Playlists More than 15 Playlists
Wide variety of commercial music Copyright-free music


However, both offer: Playlists organized by sector or style of music, daily renewal of music, program for Windows and Android, creation of own lists, offline playback and a lot of others that you can find in the


Thanks to all these advantages Kasimu is the best alternative to Spotify for business. It also has supervision through a control panel, so that in case you have more than one business you can control the music that sounds in each of the stores and buy the benefits obtained, and of course, all playlists without interruptions.

Finally, Kasimu allows you to interleave the advertising of your brand in your local or local, in this way you can inform your customers of discounts, schedules, etc.

What are you waiting for? With Kasimu you will be able to access all the music you imagine for your local legally. If you have any questions call us at 606 025 800 or fill out our form

and we will inform you of other advantages. Let the music flow through your premises!

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