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Christmas, that time of lights, dinners, engagements, some holidays and above all many, many shopping. If you have a business you will already know that it is the time when it is consumed the most, but you can even increase them how? Using the most suitable Christmas store music. At
we explain what it is.

Can you encourage music into consumption?

The reason why we buy more at Christmas is cultural, it is a time when we care more about each other and become generous, in the form of compulsive buyers, in fact, already in ancient Rome times were made gifts to celebrate Saturnalia. But what else has an on this voracious appetite for gifts? Happiness.

Ask happiness

According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown
decorating the house before Christmas
can increase our positive sensations. Something that also achieves lights and above all, social relations. And when we’re happy, we buy more.

A happy person is a happy customer and there is a way to achieve even greater happiness: music. When we listen to music the areas of the brain that are stimulated are those of emotions and memory, both keys to increasing sales at Christmas, and that is that the Christmas spirit floods our minds with childhood memories.

When these areas are stimulated happiness hormones are released, in the case of dopamine, it increases to a 6. The result is even more surprising if it is a musical success, does All I want for Christmas is Yousound? Songs like this activate the same areas as when we are in love.

When we listen to music in stores over Christmas, all these positive emotions multiply and our emotional state happens to take charge of our decisions. I mean, we buy with emotions and not with reason. In fact, several studies show that we buy more when there is music on the premises.

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But does all the music for stores at Christmas work?

What should music be like for stores at Christmas if we want to increase sales?


There is no one answer. The rhythm and volume of the music cause variations in our emotions. By regulating them we will be able to attract one type of customer or another. But first let’s see how they work.

The volume

Loud music makes us less stop at the small details, so if you’re interested in selling in quantity and not quality, it increases the volume of music for stores over Christmas. Likewise, young people seem to be those who enjoy music the most at a high volume, so if this is your target audience, it’s another reason to turn up the music.

On the contrary, in those establishments where the products have higher prices and therefore, buyers will spend more time making their decisions, it is important that the music has a low volume. Similarly, this will encourage communication with employees.

The rhythm

As seems to be logical to think, music for stores at Christmas with a faster pace causes customers to walk, move, and also buy faster. You can use this to your advantage in your store: if there is a lot of influx and you want to speed up purchases with the intention of avoiding queues, use musical genres like pop.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to extend the stay, Christmas classics can be a good choice along with jazz and especially classical music, which also encourages us to buy more expensive products.

But be careful! Music for shops at Christmas, and in general, at all times of the year, is so common that customers become numb. How to avoid it? Try to always offer the same musical genre, and volume, in this way they will relate that type of music with your local and you will have managed to stand out from the rest.


But don’t make music stand out above your store’s products, warns Kurt Mortensen, the author of the best-selling book: Maximum Influence.

Also, ambient music is positive for employees,it is proven to improve performance and productivity, as well as reduce the stress so common at this time of year.

Meet your target audience to choose music for stores over Christmas

If you’re not sure what your potential consumer’s profile is over Christmas, a Rebold Activation study tells you about it. First, sex is not decisive, 51 of the buyers in December are women and the remaining percentage are men.

What does seem decisive is age, 26 of the buyers are between 25 and 34 years old. Something you should keep in mind so as not to excessively increase the volume of music for your stores at Christmas, but to offer some of the musical novelties, even if they are carols.

Some suggestions for music in stores for Christmas

Songs to keep your customers in store: The Classics Let it snow! Let it snow! by Fran Sinatra, Here Comes Santa Claus by Elvis Presley, All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey or Last Christmas by Wham, are slow songs that your customers will enjoy so much that it will cost them to leave your establishment.

Songs to increase shopper influx: The music for shop at Christmas to set up is Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes and Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms.

Songs for a young audience: If your buyers don’t exceed 30 years of age these are some of the songs you should include in your playlist, Happy Xmas by Miley Cirus, Santa Claus is Coming to town by Justin Bieber or the new version Santa’s coming for us by Sia.


Now that you know how to use music in your stores for Christmas,you must get a legal platform that offers you the best playslits according to your business model. At Kasimu they have been designed by
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so you will have your sales assured not only at Christmas, but during the rest of the year.

To hire one of our two plans
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