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Have you ever chosen a restaurant over another because your favorite group sounded? Or while being in a clothing store, your music made you feel like you’re on a real catwalk? The success of a good place does not depend exclusively on the quality of its products or services,there are small details that are not perceived and completely modify the behavior of a customer. An example of this is coffee shop music. We tell you their secrets in Kasimu!

Is there music to attract customers?

You will surely know that colors influence the appetite of consumers and their mood, this also happens with ambient music, even in a more obvious way. There are studies that show that a certain musical thread encourages you to stay more seated,others favor the choice of sweet foods and some even make you a sybarite and guide you to the most extraordinary dishes.


Therefore, if you have a café or a bar, do not miss all the facilities that music can give you. Offering innovative dishes, a vegan menu or getting a harmonious design on the premises can take a long time, however, selecting the music to eat will take a few seconds and can influence as much as the other factors in the success of your cafeteria.

At Kasimu we have playlists designed by dJs marketing experts

that will help you achieve your goals: sell a certain product, get your customers to stay longer on the premises, or that instead there is more rotation. They can even motivate your waiters!

7 Benefits of using music for coffee shops

There is no music to attract money or magic formulas of success, what does exist is an influence of music in our brain. Here are some of the advantages of coffee shop music.

1 Improves the dining experience

Music affects the taste of food, this is because, as Charles Spence, a scientist at Oxford University,says, “the pleasures of food reside primarily in the brain, and not in the mouth.”

2 Increases appetite

There is no such song that opens the appetite of diners but what if you can do is activate the biorhythm and make them more willing to eat larger amounts of food. In addition, fast rhythms have been shown to induce faster eating and therefore the feeling of satiety will appear much later causing more food to be consumed.

3 Keeps customers in the chair


Soft music and slow music helps customers stay seated longer because it encourages conversation and intimacy, so the table ticket can grow.

4 Favors spending

According to a study published in Psychological Reports, soft music can cause customers to lose appetite and consume fewer calories. But if this coffee shop music is classical music, customers will find it less trouble choosing more expensive products or drinks.

5 Dampening noises

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to learn about one of the main functions of coffee therapy:dampening noises like those of dishes or even from the conversation of the nearest table.

6 Create a unique environment

Just like when we attend an Italian restaurant we hope to find a good pasta dish between the menu, when we attend a vintage café we expect cozy music full of hits from the 60s or new indies groups. That’s why coffee shop music should be in line with the dishes we offer.

7 Increases employee productivity

Finally, repetitive rhythms such as pop rock keep employees from maintaining the level of productivity for longer. Which will allow even when the place is fuller they will be able to attend all the tables with the right coffee music.

These are just some of the advantages of coffee shop music. But how to choose the right music so that all those advantages become the reality of your business?

How to choose music for coffee shops?

There are some types of music that seem to reap more success than others among customers. Soul is, according to the chefs, the music with the greatest gastronomic incentive, followed by jazz music. However, we can’t imagine jazz music in a tavern or fast food restaurant. Each venue will require a different type of music, the same goes for coffee shop music.

You have to ask yourself two questions: What kind of music do I need to captivate my customers? And what kind of music fits my concept of local and my dishes?

To know the ambient music that your audience can like you must keep in mind that the music has a strong generational factor. That is, if the average age of your customers is 50 years do not put a music thread based on the musical news.

On the other hand, if you are looking to create charming bars, do not accompany them with heavy metal music, choose more harmonious sounds like instrumental music. In addition, a study from Oxford University confirmed that customers relate each meal to a type of music. For Indian food the right thing is rock, and for Chinese food, pop.


At Kasimu we have the most advanced music system for coffee shops and all the
. You will be able to install music according to your concept of local designed by DJs experts in marketing,and if you have several cafes, from a single device you can know what sounds in each of them. So you can measure their results!

Another advantage of our programs is that new songs are included monthly so that your customers always have the best variety. You can also include your own advertising wedges. What are you waiting for? The best music for coffee shops is in Kasimu, that’s why brands like NH Hotels, Burger King or The North Face trust us.

Choose from one of
our two programs
and enjoy uninterrupted coffee shop music. Call us at 606 025 800 if you would like to know more about all the options we offer or fill out our form.

Let the music flow through your premises!

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