In Music program

Introducing our new environmental music program for shops, businesses and venues of all kinds.


After two years of development, we introduced the new music program for shops,venues and businesses Kasimu.
– Main features: The program starts and downloads the songs you need to run all day long. If there is Internet outage, the music is not affected.
– It has more than 200 playlists organized by type of venue, music style or brand.
– Different playlists can be set up for different time sets of each day of the week.
– Allows you to interleave ads of the venue in the music programming.
– Allows you to set a PIN so that the program starts locked and no one changes anything.
– It has a web control panel from where you can control all users and change the settings and advertisement of one or more users.
It is an ideal program to put music for clothing stores,restaurants, hotels, businesses and all kinds of places.

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