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Everything we feel, think and experience in one place is part of it in our memory. In a clinic the sensations are often bathed by stress, nervesand worry, so why not help your patients? Music for medical offices can cause real changes in a person. At
we offer you the best services so you can improve the experience of your customers.

When a person goes to the doctor they do not always know what the diagnosis is going to be, nor if the operation or test to which they will undergo will be painful. In these cases it is common to feel a high degree of nervousness that can affect not only the patient’s experience but also communication with the doctor, even worse diagnoses occur.

A small gesture like selecting music taking into account the mood and receptivity of the patients can be an immense advance in the emotional and physical balance of the same. We tell you how.

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How does music help patients?

Musical waves cause a deep brain stimulation, which are related to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. This is caused by the release of endorphins and oxytocin.


For this reason, music in medical offices is of vital importance. Here are the main advantages:

Facilitates communication

In many cases, diagnosing a patient can be complicated by a patient’s difficulty in recognizing their symptoms. With the right office music there is an improvement of cognitive ability as the brain sensitizes and improves its plasticity, this benefits patient and specialist.

The consequence of this is better communication, patients will be able to explain their symptoms more clearly and doctors will make diagnoses more understandable.

Reduces the feeling of loneliness

Music, especially those with melodic voices can create a sense of understanding and accompaniment and even bring to the patient’s mind happy memories that invite him to face the consultation with greater positivity.

Create a harmonious environment

Relaxed music or music that contains sounds that are associated with nature are a good relaxant, able to transport your patients to a locus amoenus in your own consultation. In this way patients will be more confident and relaxed, making any treatment more bearable.

Less the fear

There are many people who express genuine panic before going to the dentist, gynecologist or any specialist or family doctor. That’s why one of the main goals of office music is to reduce fear and anxiety. This is achieved by sound waves, which when detected by your brain lower blood pressure,also reducing fear (recommended for hypertensive patients).

Helps wound healing


Although it may seem incredible, thehealing effects of the music come to advance the healing of the wounds. That’s why medical office music is perfect for higher or less serious postoperatives. That is, it is not only useful in waiting rooms or in the doctor’s office. Which is why more and more hospitals accompany different areas with soft and relaxing music.

Which medical office music is right?

All music genres can bring benefits and improve mood, however, not all styles are suitable for music for medical practices. In this case, quiet, unbeatal music should be chosen with melodic or fully instrumental voices.

If you’ve already decided to add music for practices, here are some of the best genres:

  • Bossa Nova: Elegant jazz can liven up the wait for your patients, but there is an even more suitable genre, that of the Bossa Nova. Born in Brazil as popular music, today it is mostly used to create pleasant and elegant environments. This aesthetic will animate your customers and fill them with energy.
  • Classical music: Within the office music can not miss the classic. But you don’t need to repeat again and again For Elisa or The Four Seasons,with our playlists your customers will hear new sounds that thanks to the structured way of these melodies, will modulate their moods freeing them from stress.
  • Piano Music: Within classical music, those that accompany a piano are best suited as music for medical offices. Some of them are Mozart’s Sonata 16 or Schubert’s Fantasy.
  • Sounds of Nature: Music with waterfalls in the background or the sound of birds may be more appropriate than you think. These sounds help patients relax and disconnect.

In addition, at Kasimu we offer music for medical offices designed by DJs specialized in marketing. You’ll get sounds and melodies that will reassure your patients while their brain generates the endorphins and dopamine needed to produce more positive thoughts.

How to use music for medical offices?

From the moment a patient arrives at a clinic and is cared for at reception, until he leaves the consultation, he lives different phases. Experiencing them feeling relaxed and calm is essential for you to come back.

But beyond the different genres that can help your patients, there are other music factors that directly affect the patient’s receptivity to these sounds. As an environment, bright, including plants, and neutral colors such as white, beige or wood. It is also essential that the tone of the conversations is not very high and develops naturally.

Finally, before activating our playlists please note that:

  • Office music must have a volume not exceeding 60 decibels.
  • While few genres support soft, elegant sounds, they should vary to prevent the waiting time from looking longer.
  • Copyright-free music will provide an excellent alternative and help keep costs on site more than 100 square meters as it is exempt from the SGAE levy.

At Kasimu we can offer you music for medical offices without interruptions. In this way you can dedicate yourself completely to your patients and leave in our hands the selection of musical themes. These will reassure your patients and promote good communication thanks to studies conducted by our sensory marketing specialists. In addition the first test is free!

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