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Imagine being in your favorite Japanese restaurant tasting a magnificent sample of sashimi; the intense color of the tuna, its soft texture melts on your palate, everything is perfect. However, suddenly the restaurant’s music changes and a reggaeton song appears. With this example it is easy to understand the importance of music in gastronomy. In Kasimu

we bring you the best music for modern restaurants with which you will get to fall in love with your diners.

Modern restaurant music ? What genre do you need?

The pairing between music and gastronomy is probably as important as that of wine, however, despite the birth of gastrofestivals or the use of specialised playlists in the Michelin guide’s restaurants, there are still many sceptics of the union between these two arts.

Thanks to this list of music styles for modern restaurants and the new
operation of our playlists,
you will know which music genre is right to catch your customers at the table:

Fast Casual – Alternative Pop

Fast Causality is a new concept that has had great growth in the last decade. It’s about catching the best of fast food and healthy food, the result: crudités instead of chips, sourdough pizzas and detox smoothies.

Without a doubt, for this type of venue the rhythm should be fast but including the latest musical news for a young audience. A perfect example would be indie and alternative pop.

Ethnic or Fusion Cooking – Folklore


When we attend a restaurant of another culture we hope that everything we find will move us to that distant country. An example in restaurant décor would be lanterns in Chinese restaurants, route 66 signs at a Grill or the Visnu figure in a Hindu restaurant.

The same goes for music for modern ethnic restaurants. A good idea is to look for current groups in the country or go to instrumental music, as ambient music for restaurant is ideal for conversations to be lengthened and customers to spend more time in your place. However, another option is to go to the musical genres.

There are studies that show

that the typical gastronomy of each country has an ad hocmusical genre: For Indian cuisine, indie; for Italian food, classical music; for American food, rock and roll and for Chinese food, pop.

Author’s – Experimental Soft Music

The signature cuisine is the one that revolves around the figure of the chef. It can be as novel and eccentric as you like, so it can also be the music for dinner on the premises. It is the right place to experiment, yes, with relaxing music to eat.

Gourmet ➞ Soul

Music for luxury restaurants should completely harmonize with the concept of the premises; so, if you don’t want to risk it, a safe bet is the Soul. Whether it’s traditional, Asian or vegan food, modern restaurant music helps taste flavors on the palate and increase the satisfaction of all bites.

Tasting – Jazz

The rhythm of jazz is another of chefs’ favorites as a restaurant atmosphere music. If there are tasting menus in your place and you want to speed up the flavor changes, jazz is your best ally. Look for rhythms guided by piano and saxophone with voices like Joss Stone, Nina Simone or Jamie Cullum.

But does music really serve to attract customers?


All sensory marketing studies throw a resounding yes to this question; Music for modern restaurants can be a deciding factor. Food comes through our mouths, but the brain is responsible for collecting all these stimuli and giving them meaning. The same goes for music for bars and cafes.

When combining a dish with a melody we will get completely different sensations than if we change the volume or tone of it. Knowing this, why not use it in your restaurant?

According to scientist Thomas Hummel, in music for modern restaurants there must be harmonious rhythms as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin levels increase. All of them are hormones responsible for generating a pleasant feeling that can lead to desire, appetite, infatuation (in this case by the dish or the place) and facilitate digestion.

In addition, the brain areas of pleasure and reward that are activated when we eat are the same as when we listen to music!

Modern Restaurant Music – TIPS to Use to Your Favor

If the star dishes of your trendy restaurant are desserts, choose high-pitched sounds like those of the violin. But if on the contrary your kitchen dishes are fundamentally salty or bitter choose bass tones. And if you want to increase the sensation of spicy a rock playlist!

Tempo also plays a key role, if you want music for modern fast food restaurants a fast paced pace can help you rotate customers. If on the contrary you are looking to create a unique environment and retain them; slow rhythms.

Finally, when it’s time to lower your food with a good gin and tonic increases the volume of the music, your customers will be willing to drink more alcohol in less time.


As you’ve seen, the music genre you use at your venue will largely determine the success of your business. In Kasimu, aware of the role that music plays in restaurants we want to offer you playlists specially designed

for locals like yours. All of them have been designed by dJs specialists in marketing and will attract your customers almost as much as the flavors of your kitchen.

In Kasimu we have the most advanced music system for modern restaurants with all author licenses and music without interruptions. In addition, you can check from the same device the music that plays in all your venues to measure the success of the melodies. Let the music flow through your premises!

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