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The dentist is one of the most feared doctors by patients, the reason is that most oral treatments cause stress and anxiety, so much so that many people prefer to neglect their dental health and not attend. To remedy this, several studies have discovered a magical formula: music for dental clinic. In Kasimu we explain how it works and recommend some melodies.

Music for the Dental Clinic – Proven Successes

But first of all, you should know why music serves to release stress and increase relaxation.

First of all the music gets the harmony of our whole body,how? Thanks to its vibrations, the different rhythms of our body begin to go in unison, as can be the rhythm of the heart. Which relaxes us and keeps us calm.

And finally, the harmonious rhythms increase Serotonin levels which helps us to be cheerful and relaxed with a more positive view. That is, if we apply the music to a dental clinic properly, it will reverse into a positive and relaxed attitude of the patient.

Why do you need music for your dental clinic?

A consumer’sexperience and opinion of a service is extremely important, but especially if we are talking about health. When it comes to a major theme we all look for the best treatments and professionals. However, sometimes, despite being certain that we have all the guarantees, some fears appear when going to the dentist. This is known as dental phobia.


There are multiple factors that can reduce this discomfort, one of the most effective is music. As we have read, the most recent studies of musical psychology show that this greatly affects our cognition, emotions and behavior.

So much so, that the music for a dental clinic that contains the right rhythm and tone,could completely change the patient’s experience and transform anguish and fear into a sense of tranquility.

That is, if you select the right playlists you could transform a disgruntled customer – due to their previous judgment about the dentist’s appointment – into a satisfied client who recommends the services of the clinic to their relatives and friends.

But before selecting the music for the clinic, it is important to understand what are the sensations that triggers to go to the dentist and thus know the emotional counterweight that we must use to mitigate them.

Dentistslide, why does he show up?

Dentist odontophobia is one of the 10 most common phobias,estimated to affect between 7 and 20 of the population and may have diverse backgrounds, but none that cannot at least partially resolve music for the dental clinic.

Childhood: The first experiences are the ones that mark us the most. In the case of the dentist, when we are small due to teething, coming can be more painful and especially traumatic and this association can then last for years.

• Previous negative experience: If during a visit to the dentist you have a bad experience or, the mood of that day is bad we can forever associate that negative feeling with the consultation.

Fear of pain: Even without having had a previous bad experience, many people have a phobia of the dentist for fear of pain. This may be the easiest cause to reverse with music for the dental clinic.


It goes into the DNA: despite what many may believe, the fear of the dentist is not only social, it can be in the genes. However, music for a dental clinic can also reduce that anxiety and improve the patient experience.

The music for dental clinic you need

Stress, anxiety or fearare states in which the mind is tense and therefore, what is best at a time like this is to help relax it. In this way, the emotional state will become more neutral and rational thoughts will be able to overcome the purely emotional.

There are two genres you can use as music for a dental clinic to relax patients:

Classical music: We all know the benefits of classical music. However, not all composers have the ability to reduce tension, some with their fast and unexpected rhythms can increase it. Therefore, the recommended authors are Mozart, Schubert and Bach.

Pop music: Pop music is the most consumed, one reason is that thanks to the repetition of rhythms,our brain can precede the next note causing this a sense of control that relaxes us and makes us feel comfortable.

That’s why it’s the best choice for music for a dental clinic. This feeling can be increased if the song is also widely known. That said, it must have a smooth rhythm and volume. Some of the most recommended are groups such as Coldplay, Michael Bublé, Adele, Ed Sheeran and Alicia Keys.


In conclusion, not all songs serve as music for a dental clinic because if you don’t choose the right ones, the feeling of the customers could even get worse. But if you know how music affects our brain and know the right rhythms and tempos, you can greatly improve the patient experience.

At Kasimu we have playlists designed by DJs who are experts in sensory marketing so that each of the songs that appear helps your patients. If you want to know our rates or how Kasimu works just fill out our form or call us on 606 025 800.

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