Online music services, ambient music and music videos for gyms, shops, hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars, pubs and nightclubs


Online music, ambient music and music videos for gyms, shops, hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars, pubs and nightclubs

To make the music in your store feel like the first brands

KASIMU GLOBAL | $10,99/month


Web player with more than 300 music channels specially designed to motivate sales, improve the shopping experience and participate in the brand image your local.


Music through our music program with over 300 predetermined channels. You download it and install it on your Windows computer. You can create your own channels and add your own ads. The music continues to play without an Internet connection.

Music for your store without paying the ASCAP

KASIMU FREEDOM | $19,99€/month


ASCAP’s royalty-free music. By hiring this service you will be exempt from paying the public communication rights of the SGAE (SGAE canon), which is a great saving of money.

Specialized service for chain stores

Music for retail chains

We design music programming for your chain of stores. From the exclusive channels adapted to your needs according to time sections, target audience, brand image; to advertising wedges or advertisements, locutions and separators. We create a radio tailored to your brand. For more information, contact us.

Musica para tienda

Royalty-free music for music-setting companies

Royalty-free music provider

If you need royalty-free music for background and in-store music company, this is your section.


The best videos on a PC that we deliver for rent

Music videos

Computer rental with music and music videos. It includes more than 35,000 songs and more than 5,000 music videos. Every month we send you DVDs with the latest hits of the moment so you’re always up to date

Vídeos musicales para discotecas, pubs, bares de copas y locales


Features of the online music yarn and ambient music service for gyms, shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs and businesses

We offer you 2 services to put music on your premises: Music over the Internet streaming: Music sounds directly from the browser, connecting the computer, POS, tablet (Android) or Smart Phone (Android) to a sound system. The music starts automatically when you turn on the computer and starts playing the last channel used. You only need an Internet connection (ADSL), a computer, POS, tablet (Android) or Smart Phone (Android) with audio output, Internet browser and Adobe Flash Player installed (free). It has more than 60 channels of high quality and variety music. It can be hired directly through this website. The perfect choice for gyms, shops, bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and other sites that have a computer and an internet connection on site. It serves perfectly as a musical thread or ambient music
(read more).

Music over the Internet by download

: You just have to download our music software and install it on your computer. You will enjoy many advantages: more than 300 music channels, creating your own channels, using your music or advertising wedges, the music playing offline, choosing one or different channels to start automatically each day of the week; and many more advantages. All you need is a computer running Windows XP or higher and an Internet connection. (read more) For more information contact us.



Quality and variety of music

It has a wide variety of exclusive music channels for shops, cocktail bars, restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes, offices, queries and any other place that needs high quality and variety ambient music.



No ads, no advice and no interruptions. Only good music that is automatically programmed every day.


Alternative to Spotify

The best alternative to
Spotify for bars or shops
and also completely legal. Spotify is not allowed for use in shops or public places (read more).


Rotating the music

Channel music is renewed daily, so customers and employees don’t get tired of always listening to the same songs


Legality of music

We have the necessary permissions from intellectual property rights management entities (such as SGAE or AGEDI) to guarantee the legality of our services.



To assist you, we have a telephone technical support that takes care of all your doubts. We make equipment spare parts in 24 hours.


No commitment to stay

No commitment to stay and no high fee. Service may be decommissioned at any time.


Payment methods

You can pay with your credit/debit card, Paypal account, direct debit or bank transfer


Easy connection and use

Just connect your computer to the stereo and hit the “Play”. To learn how to connect your computer to the sound system, click here.

Our music and music video services for all kinds of shops, such as, dicotecas, pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels, gyms, cocktail bars and other businesses

We are specialists in music and music video services for businesses and shops of all kinds. We cover all the needs,

from the simplest service, as a simple musical thread for a small shop,

to the most professional music video service for a large disco. But all our services have one thing in common: the enormous dedication and professionalism with which we face every stage of production and delivery of our services. The quality, variety and good price, combined with the most personalized and careful attention to our customers. To guarantee the quality of our services, all our contracts are without high fee and without any commitment to stay. In addition, you can try all our Totally free online music services! We have the best services music for business, shop, hotel, restaurant, gym and anywhere else you want quality music. Online ambient music, music videos for disco and Musical thread at an incredible price! If we don’t have what you’re looking for, contact us and ask us. We also have music services for chain stores or service providers. We can assemble an exclusive radio for a company or group of companies. Kasimu is the easiest way to put music to your projects.

Many brands already trusted our music services.


Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels
Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels

74% of people claim that music is important or very important in their lives.


50% of people stay longer in venues with music.


83% of consumers prefer a place with music and the 14% buy more.


31% of the guests revisit a establishment with music and the 21% recommends it to other people.

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