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  • Kasimu Basic: $10.99 /month ($7.99 /month for 10 stores)
  • Kasimu Libre: $16.99 /month ($12.49 /month for 10 stores)

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What you need to use it

100 Customizable

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More than 150 playlists at your disposal, designed by marketing specialized DJs. Or if you prefer, create your own! If you have several stores, we can create the musical atmosphere according to your goals. No repetitions, professional audio quality and no unwanted songs.

Total control

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Control or modify the music and ads of your business from any PC or from your mobile phone, like being on the store. You can also lock the program so that no one changes the schedule, create ad campaigns and more.

Promote your business!

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Create your ad campaigns quickly and easily. Take advantage of this excellent communication channel with your customers! Improve your customer’s loyalty and sell more!


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We have all the permissions to ensure the legality of the service and its use on public places. Not all services are authorized to be used in public places. Spotify or Youtube are not.

Music doesn't stop

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Using our Android or Windows software the music will continue to play on your stores even without Internet connection. So the rhythm of you business doesn’t stop!

Always near

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If you have any questions or incidents, you can contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp. We also provide advice on any topic related to our services.


Kasimu is a background music service for all kinds of business like supermarkets, shops, restaurants, hotels, stores, gyms, etc. It is authorized to be used on public sites, so it is completely legal. ¬ KASIMU GLOBAL: uses commercial music, such as the one heard on radios, TV, nightclubs, etc. ¬ KASIMU FREEDOM: uses royalty free music (music that is not played on radios, etc.). No additional fees. Which service should I choose? The music played at your venues should be according to your goals. ¬ KASIMU GLOBAL: Uses commercial music (like the one heard on the radios). If your business needs music that your target audience recognizes, this is your service. Recommended for hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms, beauty centers, offices, etc. ¬ KASIMU FREEDOM: Uses royalty-free music, no adittional fees (ASCAP; SGAE, SACM, SADAIC, AGADU, APDAYC, ETC.). If your business needs only background music to remove silence and has a large surface area, this is your service. Recommended for clothing stores, hotels, restaurants, beauty centers, offices, supermarkets, shopping centers, parking lots, etc.
To use our service, you just need a computer running Windows 7 or higher or a Tablet PC or Smart-phone running Android 5 or higher. Your computer, Tablet PC, or Smart-phone must have 8 GB of free storage space, be connected to the audio equipment and to Internet. background music equipment kasimu
¬ Subscribe to service by clicking here or sign up for the free trial by clicking here. ¬ After you subscribe or sign up for the trial, you’ll be automatically forwarded to the user area. In the user area, you can access the web player or download and install our Windows or Android software (recommended). ¬ Connect your audio equipment to your computer, Tablet PC or Smart-phone where you installed the program or accessed the web player. And that’s it! The music will start playing!
¬ Credit or debit cards. ¬ Paypal. ¬ SEPA direct debit (for European countries only). ¬ Bank transfer (see conditions).
There are no minimum contracting periods or commitments. You can unsubscribe whenever you want and you will no longer be charged.

Software and control panel

With our Windows or Android software you can: ¬ Turn on auto-start, so that the music starts automatically when Windows starts. ¬ Create your own playlists by choosing the musical styles and the software will choose the songs. ¬ Choose a playlist for each day and time leg of the day (playlists are classified by venue type or musical style). ¬ Create ad campaigns very easily. ¬ Configure automatic program locking (so that no one changes anything). Automatic functions: ¬ It works even without Internet: Songs are automatically downloaded to the device’s hard drive or memory. ¬ Playlists organized by business type and music style. ¬ Automatic Internet access port selection. ¬ Automatic device’s hard drive or memory space handling: if there is not enough space to download the songs for the running playlist, the software deletes old songs. ¬ Automatic use of SD card on Android devices.
On the control panel you can: ¬ Control what’s playing on every venue in real time. ¬ Create, delete, or modify the playlist scheduler for one or more stores. ¬ Create, delete, or modify you ads campaigns on one or more stores. ¬ Enable automatic software locking (so that no one changes anything) on one or more stores. ¬ Create playlist and ads usage reports. ¬ Add new users (stores), delete or modify users data. panel control music ads several local stores

Performing rights

We have all permissions to ensure the legality of our services and its use in public places. Not all services are authorized. Spotify or Youtube are not for use on public places. ¬ Subscribing to Kasimu Global has nothing to do with the payment of performing rights. We do not collect those rights. ¬ When subscribing to Kasimu Freedom, we pay the corresponding performing rights to the authors asociation. The user is exempt from paying those rights to the local entity. In some countries, the legislation requires premises pay performing rights to the producers asociation (not to confuse authors).
There is certain confusion regarding music rights. ¬ Performing rights: these are the rights that users should pay to play music on their premises. In addition to paying these fees, the premises must contract an authorized service to be used on public sites. Any of our services are authorized. ¬ Copyright: These are the ones we pay when we buy a CD or song in mp3. These rights do not have relevance to business that play music on their remises. Do all the locals that play music have to pay for public communication? KASIMU GLOBAL: (with commercial music), they should pay the authors’ association and the producer association in their country. KASIMU FREEDOM: (with royalty-free music), we pay the corresponding public communication to the authors asociation. The user is exempt from paying those rights to the local entity. In some countries, the legislation requires premises to pay performing rights to the producers asociation (not to confuse authors). So, what is royalty-free music? Royalty-free music really doesn’t exist. What exists is music with rights included. In order for a venue not to pay copyright, it should have a document signed by the author of each song that sounds in its premises exempting it from payment. However, in some countries you would not be exempt from paying public communication rights to producers. Esquemas explicativos: ¬ Performing rights using commercial music: Kasimu Global The authors society and producer society represent their associates. They charge and distribute performing rights that stores and venues pay for using their songs. performing rights using commercial music stores venues ¬ Performing rights using royalty-free music: Kasimu Freedom. In this case, the service fee includes performing rights. Then, the IME distributes the rights equitably and efficiently. In some countries, the user of this service is not exempt from paying to the society of producers. performing rights using royalty free music stores venues

All you can do with Kasimu.

Plan your venues’ music and ads

Choose or create playlists for each day. Upload your ads and plan your ad guidelines. If you have several locations and need a special playlist, we can create it for you. You can select a schedule for each store or the same for all. If you wish, you can lock the program so that no one changes your schedule.

Play the music

Install our software at each location (venue) with the corresponding username and password. The music will start playing automatically depending on what you’ve planned. If you have an Internet connection problem, the music will continue to play without interruption.

Manage the planned

You can change the schedule of music and ads in one or more stores at once from your dashboard. You can also know in real time what’s playing in each store or download reports for a specific period.

Many brands already trusted our music services.


Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels
Kasimu customers Ambient music for shops, restaurants and hotels

74% of people claim that music is important or very important in their lives.


50% of people stay longer in venues with music.


83% of consumers prefer a place with music and the 14% buy more.


31% of the guests revisit a establishment with music and the 21% recommends it to other people.

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