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Are you a sports lover? A spinning professional? Being constantly motivated is tricky, and finding a way to get your spinning classes to live, too. In this post of Kasimu we tell you the key to make the most of your workouts: a good selection of spinning music.

We know that for tastes, colors, and therefore, finding the music to spin depends on many factors. Don’t be afraid! You know that we are experts in music and that we know in depth all the benefits that it can bring to both you and your business.

If you would also like to try our services, we have a free trial for you. We play the music so that your spinning classes have that special touch you’re looking for.

The role of music in physical performance

Have you ever wondered why so many people exercise while listening to music? Music has always proven to positively influence

people’s mental and physical health, so leveraging it to motivate your students in your spinning class is quite logical.

First, it improves concentration and will help during spinning classes attendees to focus on the exercise they are performing. In this way, it is easier for them to disconnect and forget how tired they are or how much class time they are.

In addition, not only do they forget about tiredness, but listening to music reduces the feeling of tiredness. We feel that the music pushes us, helps us to make that last effort,to pedal harder and hold on until the end of the class.


Things to keep in mind when choosing music

Yes, music can really improve physical performance during a workout, and thanks to this, the user experience of people attending your spinning classes will be much better.

Therefore, choosing the right spinning music is the key piece that will lead your classes to success and increase the satisfaction of your students during them. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind to make the best selection of music for spinning.


The rhythm of the music

The rhythm of the spinning music you choose will also be the one that also sets the rhythm of the class or training. The faster, the higher the pedaling intensity. It also happens the other way around: slow rhythms will lead to recovery and rest intervals.

Therefore, active songs with a more cheerful rhythm will be your allies when it comes to rekindling the class after a high physical effort. These are perfect for lowering bike drag and pedaling vigorously.

On the other hand, to work more strength than endurance, you may want songs with a slower rhythm. The resistance of the device goes up, so the pedaling is slower, but stronger. Spinning music will be what keeps the class motivated.

The kind of music you want to listen to

There are a variety of musical styles that you can use in a spinning class. The most common are usually reggaeton, techno and pop, however you can also opt for rock, House or classical music.

Usually, what is most prevalent in spinning classes is electronic music or the most well-known remixes of songs. The latter are a good option because knowing the songs will feel much more comfortable and at ease. What encourages more than the one that they put on your favorite song?

The parts of a spinning session

As we have previously advanced, depending on the phase of the training you are in, we will be interested in one type of spinning music or another. Heating is not the same as the climax of the class or the recovery phase.

How to attract more users with the right music

What are the best techniques to attract users? Which spinning music is right? How can you know? Read! Learn how to increase the audience in your spin classes.

Stay up-to-date

Look for the latest hits and what songs everyone is listening to. Including them will give you a much more modern and up-to-date feel in front of others and enhance the appeal of the classes.

A proper mix of lifelong themes along with the songs of the moment will be the perfect recipe for a successful spinning class.

Know your audience

Have you noticed well what kind of people attend your classes? Knowing your students and their tastes well is important to get your selection of spinning music right. Maybe they’re more electronic music or prefer the typical classic rock songs of a lifetime.

Thinking about your audience will significantly improve the quality of your classes.

Choose music appropriate for class type

What will today’s training look like? More intense, with many ups and downs? Maybe this time you’re looking to train the force more? Depending on the session you’ve prepared, you’ll need to adjust the spinning music with one goal or another.

Perfect spinning music for cardio and fast rhythms, edm or song remixes are perfect. On the other hand, rock or reggaeton are the best for when you need to boost strength. This type of music will help the class to better keep up and feel more animated.


The best music to spin our recommendations

Now that you know more or less how to choose the right spinning music, let’s move on to recommending some of the songs that seem most attractive to us to get the most out of your classes.

  • Warm-up – songs with a generic rhythm, that are not too intense or too slow. Alone, Pt. Ⅱ by Alan Walker and Ava Max; Home by Martin Garrix and Bonn or Somewhere by Lucas Estrada.
  • Intense Exercise Phases MEDUZA Lose Control; Remember by Gryffin; Life of the Party by Nils Van Zandt.
  • Phases with more resistance at a slower pace Crazy omar Montes and Bad Gyal; China of Anuel AA; I Don’t Care by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.
  • Recovery: best known and quiet songs, which are the final snap for a good workout. I’m Not The Only One by Sam Smith, Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper or Apologize from OneRepublic.

Did you find this post interesting? We hope it helped you!

Anyway, we remind you that at Kasimu we are experts in choosing the best music for every moment, including music for spinning. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to check out our different prices and plans.

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