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In Kasimu we know that music has always managed to immerse us in different worlds, make us travel in time and space to the farthest places with just a couple of notes. Why not consider music for museums and exhibitionsthen?

To flip any exposure, giving it a background sounding soundtrack can significantly change the atmosphere around it. Depending on the music you choose to play, you can provoke one mood or another in visitors.

Recreate an era and provoke different reactions in your audience

Are you in a Baroque art exhibition? Take advantage of the great musical proliferation of that time and that sounds in the background some piece of Handel, Bach or Vivaldi so that those who attend the exhibition can have a complete experience.

In this way, you will be adding much more value to your user experience and it will be the special touch that will differentiate that exhibition or museum from the other places that can visit.

Music has something special that will turn a cultural evening into something else. Can you imagine an exhibition of Impressionism with Claude Debussy’s famous Clair de Lune? It will certainly be something your audience will not be able to forget.


Music for a museum exhibition – improves concentration

Did you know that music helps improve concentration? Many students turn to music when preparing for exams as it helps them relax and keep their heads on notes.

By putting a musical thread in the background that accompanies the atmosphere of the museum you will make visitors more easily focused on the works of art on display and enjoy more of their visit.

In addition, another important factor of using music for museums is that thanks to it they will remember more of the things they have seen and for longer. This will keep you in the minds of users for longer to be part of a good experience.

More reasons to use museum music in exhibitions

There are many reasons why using museum music will be beneficial for your business. Apart from improving concentration and creating a different environment,there are many more advantages that might interest you.

Encourage scant for users’ creativity

What better place for inspiration than a museum? Many people turn to exhibitions to collect ideas or boost their creativity. Putting a soft thread of background music will boost it much more.

How can this benefit you? Think about how the better your experience visiting your museum, the better the feeling you will have when you leave. Your audience is the best representative of your business and being happy will not hesitate to recommend it to other potential users.

Another type of entertainment

Music is also a form of entertainment. Just as many museums include movies or video excerpts, having music for museums and exhibitions will add more value to your business.

If you have multiple rooms, you can play with the themes of each room and play different music lists in each one. You can also change the type of music being played throughout the day.

Another advantage is that, if at any time users feel tired,a good choice of background music could renew their energies and transform the environment of any situation so that they spend more time in this place.

Exploit your marketing strategy

Have you heard of Audio Marketing? At Kasimu we know all the advantages that these kinds of strategies can bring to your business. Thanks to audio marketing you can increase the number of visits, your exposure will come to emotional value and you will transmit a personality with much more force. Museum music will help you grow as a business.


The perfect music for museums?

What is the ideal type of music for a museum? The theory is fine to know, but running it will be what truly transforms your business. Do you know your business and your audience well enough to give them a soundtrack?

Meet the people who will visit the museum

Consider the type of audience you want to target. Is it an adult or rather young audience? What may they be looking for in your museum? To get the music you’re going to choose, you’ll have to keep all this in mind.

  • Classical music for art exhibitions or themed stories. Contemporary classical music to those eras will bring us back to the past,so using it in history museums is a perfect opportunity to attract the most nostalgic. At the same time, as we have explained above, using classical music in an artistic exhibition will give you that exclusive and special air that will motivate your creativity.
  • Instrumental music is also perfect for this type of venue. You can choose slower and smoother rhythms so that they do not capture all the attention, since the prominence should be taken by the works exhibited.

Create a suitable environment for exhibitions

What is the personality of your museum or exhibition? Taking into account what ideas you want to convey is very important when choosing the music for museums that will sound to be able to create the effect that you are looking for in users.

Now that you’ve decided to have a musical thread for your cultural site, maybe it’s time to get down to business. Choosing the best songs is no easy task, and when you want to play them to the audience you may encounter more than one inconvenience.


At Kasimu we take care of the whole process, from the legality of the songs to choosing the ones that are best for your business idea. We have the best music experts who will help you choose the music thread for you.

If you want to know more, we invite you to take a look at the different services we can offer you. And if you have any questions, please contact us and we will resolve it immediately.

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